How to flash Mag Devices

Finding the software to download

(1)Take note of your mag model and after knowing the mag model go to: Find your version here and download.

(2)Connect your usb with your computer or laptop and make sure that the pendrive is empty. After make a new folder on your pendrive called (The folder name needs to be of your version) mag254 and extract the data from the file you downloaded. When you open the folder mag254 you should see another file called imageupdate.

(3)Before flashing the device you need to make sure that autoupdate is off. To do this please follow these steps:

  • Load Embedded Portal
  • Select Settings
  • Select Software autoupdate
  • In Autoupdate select “Disabled”
  • Press OK to save the changes.

(4) After you follow each step you can start the downgrading process. To do this please follow these steps:

  • Connect prepared USB-drive to STB
  • Then enter the System Recovery Utility menu. To enter this: (A)Power off STB (unplug the power supply).(B)Push and hold Menu button on RC and power STB on (still holding Menu button, plug in power supply).(C) Wait for 10 seconds ? System Recovery Utility menu. Release Menu button.
  • Select Upgrade Tools ? Upgrade Software ? Using USB ? Yes; and select your file.
  • Wait until the update process is complete. The info about software update status is displayed at the bottom of screen.
  • When the software is updated the STB will automatically reboot.