• Go to the Play Store and search for: “Kodi”
  • Once it is downloaded open it and give it access.
  • From the left menu choose: “TV”(4th Option). Then choose: “Enter add-on browser”
  • Once you enter the add-ons look for: “PVR IPTV Simple Client” and click on it.
  • Then choose install which is located in the bottom right.¬†After it is installed click on the second option “Configure”
  • After you choose configure choose the second option: “M3U Play List URL” and enter the link of your iptv services.
  • For EPG on the top left choose: “EPG Settings” click the second option called: “XMLTV URL” and enter your epg link,¬†once done click ok.
  • Once you are done exit the app and open it again and choose TV and it will start downloading. This will take a while.
  • You are done and can now start watching by going on: “TV” and click on: “Channels”